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Riku (OU)
20 May 2012 @ 07:35 am
Arriving in Aliunde was the last thing Riku expected after a few months back on Destiny Islands. He, however, adapted quickly to the new landscape and new people. Helen Magnus was the first person that he met, and who eventually became something of a beacon of generosity for him during his stay. She allowed him to stay at the Aliunde Sanctuary, as he needed a safe haven to stay in, and settled comfortably alongside Will Zimmerman, Kate Freelander, Hellboy, Magnus Martinsson, and Elizabeth 'Liz' Sherman. He decided to stay, but would not accept without some sort of repayment--as a result, he often cooks and does menial chores around the Sanctuary. Along that vein, by meeting Desmond Miles a few times (and voicing his distaste for the Head Doctor), he was recruited for the Aliunde Brotherhood. With Ezio as his mentor, the rest of the Brotherhood (Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad, Fenris, Rikku, Kate Freelander and Desmond himself) gave Riku a new sort of training and advantage that he never got to learn at home, and likely would have never learned.

He also managed to secure a job at a local cafe, meeting Charles Xavier. As a result, he began to be tutored by Yu Narukami (called Souji by Riku's request and confusion) in academics, hoping to re-enter school once he was finished catching up on the two years he'd been absent.
Riku (OU)
18 April 2012 @ 01:40 am
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Riku. Sora's longtime friend. He had clad himself in darkness in order to wield it, and had even changed in appearance. But when the real Ansem's Kingdom Hearts Encoder exploded, Riku returned to his old form.
You could say it was a miracle--worked by a heart no darkness could eclipse.

Dark Shield: Riku creates a barrier to protect his party leader.
Cure Potion: Riku heals the party to maximum health.
Dark Aura: Riku fires multiple Dark Orbs at the enemy.
Attack: Combo attack with Way to the Dawn.
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Riku (OU)

H E A R T • I N • A • H E A D L O C K;;
a Riku FST; playlist here.

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Riku (OU)
22 March 2012 @ 11:21 pm
Player Information
Name: Nai
Personal LJ: cosmicspaces
E-mail: lelliluz[at]gmail[dot]com
AIM/Plurk/etc.: foodiehipster@plurk
Time zone: EST
Other Characters: N/A

Character Information
Name: Riku
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Timeline Summary: Kingdom Hearts II; "Blank Points". This is where Sora reads the letter King Mickey sent them by bottle. He and Riku are summoned by the King and Yen Sid to take the Mark of Mastery Exam; it leads into Dream Drop Distance.

Are you importing your character from another game? N/A

Background: His story is explained in eight parts, though (re:)Coded does not directly apply to Riku as it actually isn't his consciousness.

Personality: Riku is a sincere and mostly selfless individual hidden underneath layers of silence and sarcasm. He is not possessive, and isn't cruel to his friends, but he can be particularly cold to keep them from being hurt or getting into trouble. At times, one could think the opposite of this because of how blunt he can be or how honest he talks to those he cares about. In reality, it's one way Riku knows how to show he cares about them. Why wouldn't he tell his friends that they're being dumb? If they got into trouble and he hadn't warned them, he'd feel guilt, his friends would be hurt, and trying to beat around the bush about it wouldn't make sense in any situation. Being blunt it is then, to save his friends the trouble and pain. Being blunt, however, doesn't mean that Riku isn't kind or understanding.

He's fairly articulate when professing his feelings, or confessing to someone about how he feels (not romantically, but general feelings). This rarely happens unless the individual in question is particularly close to him, however. Most of the time, he might tease or be sarcastic to someone he isn't very close to, and to his best friends, he's even worse. There really is a kind heart underneath, even if he'll act or actually be a jerk at first. Even if he calls Sora out on his sappiness, he does the same thing when he tells his best friend what advantage he has that Sora will never have ("Having you for a friend."). To that end, Riku is particularly resourceful when keeping his friends in mind: although he is not on the same level as Sora (the whole "my friends are my power!" bit) his friends are what, ultimately, keep him going. His friends give him clarity into what he wants and what he needs and by keeping them in mind, he's able to navigate his way through the world and onto his own path. For their sake, not just his own.

Riku uses both light and darkness, but is more versed in darkness because he's been steeped in deep darkness for so long, going on about just over one year or so (which is a pretty substantial amount of time, it seems that when most people give themselves into the darkness, they're lost). He can trust others initially, but has a deep struggle with himself in relation to others because of it. His experience with possession scarred him, and he doesn't know for sure if he could hurt someone again without knowledge. The thought of being forced to watch as he hurts someone is a recurring fear of his: he tries not to get too close to people so that isn't a problem. If there's no one near him to hurt, he can't put that into action. Both of them are saved.

Keeping a distance may be hurtful to others, but he believes with all his heart that if he isn't distant, he will just bring his bad luck and past along. Instead of being blindingly optimistic like many characters he acts as a foil to, Riku is decidedly realistic about how he works. He thinks and strategizes before striking, as seen by when, in Castle Oblivion, he tells the King to destroy him if he doesn't defeat Ansem so the cycle doesn't start again (for the King to optimistically say that he will just save him) and when he tells Namine that he will take the harsher road and lock his darkness inside him himself instead of letting her fix him. Instead of sleeping for a year like Sora does, he picks up the mess that's been left behind by the Organization, and helps Namine make sure Sora will wake up, to whatever cost.

He is self-reproachful and thinks he's below many people, but actually wants to help make the worlds better places, as long as his friends are by his side. His sense of valor isn't as obvious as Sora's, but it's a constant undercurrent in most of the things he does, even in morally wrong acts such as injuring Roxas to bring him back to DiZ. His valor runs with a self-destructive streak, in that Riku will do things that most others would give pause, as they'd hurt himself in the process. He will step up to whatever's needed of him with determination, and doesn't make a habit of being flaky about it. Terra deemed him worthy of the Keyblade for something, after all. In the start, he was destined for an almost stereotypical greatness: a warrior of light. Now, he travels a path of his own design and therefore shows how, even if there was a hitch in the plan, Riku still sticks to what he originally always wanted and was always destined for.

Once Riku says he'll do something, he does it—he doesn't laze around or think of tricking people into making his life easier. Riku has a certain sense of pride when he takes up a responsibility. He has a responsibility to the worlds, to himself, and to his friends. He is a hard worker. If there is a task at hand that needs to be done, if no one else is doing it, he will do it himself without asking, as seen by the way he practically puts the raft together himself in the first game and in the way he tells King Mickey to stay behind while he fights Ansem on his own. He chooses to steep himself in the shadows to help Sora and guide him to the right path, asking for no help but instead making his own way, apart from DiZ.

His emotions and the full spectrum of his personality mostly comes out around his truest friends, most likely because he feels comfortable with them. They're the people that matter, so he gives loyalty despite all he's done, hoping for forgiveness. His loyalty knows no bounds, and he is a true friend.

Powers, Skills, and Abilities: Though he is not a Keyblade Master, Riku does wield a Keyblade. A Keyblade is a weapon that serves as a key, able to unlock any lock. It serves as a special sword with power all its own—it's also a dangerous weapon to brandish, as Heartless rush to the bearers given their strong heart: incredibly strong hearts are a requirement to those holding a Keyblade.

He, in fact, was the only one of the Destiny trio to have the Keyblade Inheritance Ceremony purposefully enacted on him. As a child, his Light shone bright and strong enough for Terra, a Keyblade wielder, to choose him as his successor. Although Riku loses his Keyblade to Sora when he escapes from Destiny Islands by letting Darkness taint his heart, the sword he gains afterward (Soul Eater) is transformed into Way to the Dawn when he shows that he's both 1) worthy of the Keyblade and 2) willing to atone tremendously as well as use Light and Darkness in balance.

Way to the Dawn is a Keyblade that deals more with physical strength than magic. As a result, his fighting style is quick and deadly, even for only using one hand. Sora and Riku have both been known to have incredible strength when dealing damage with their Keyblades (to the point that they can split buildings in half). Even without a weapon, fighting hand-to-hand, Riku is physically strong (his muscles aren't just for show, you know) and was able to knock Xion down with a single blow in 385/2 Days.

At the end of Kingdom Hearts II, his dark powers are somewhat limited—he cannot use dark portals, but still has dark power inside of him that he can use to an end. Whether it's ultimately controlled or not has yet to be seen. His magic spells and attacks are tinted with Darkness: in fact, out of the three commands he can do on his own, two of them (Dark Shield, Dark Aura) have Darkness embedded within them. (This isn't including previous skillsets he's shown before, like Dark Break, Dark Maelstrom, and Dark Impulse, to just name a few. They're worth noting, as Sora's previous skillsets carry through multiple games, and Riku's seems to as well, but time controlling Riku is only about five minutes.)

First Person: An actionspam log at exsilium@DW.
Third Person: A prose thread at bakerstreet@DW.
Riku (OU)
25 September 2011 @ 05:54 pm

Riku is a psychic.

His ability includes precognition (seeing future events), postcognition (seeing past events) and clairvoyance.

In a nutshell, he can see your character's past and future, and he can see where they would be and what they're doing even when they're far away if he knows them well enough.

His power can, obviously, be muddled through dreams. Or maybe they're just not able to be viewed (he himself can't view his own past).

Please tell me if you'd prefer Riku to not do any of them, just a few, or if he's free to do all of them.

Riku (OU)
03 July 2011 @ 10:54 pm

wing!kink meme
Riku (OU)
17 June 2011 @ 05:41 pm
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